Strollers made with you and your baby's comfort in mind

Wherever you are - walking or traveling, our strollers ensure safety, convenience and comfort in any situation.

Discover the style, functionality and reliability of strollers that will satisfy your expectations.

Why are our strollers so special?

We carefully listen to parents every day. The challenges you face every day are well known to us. Our strollers are created in response to your needs and those of your children. We constantly improve them so that you can enjoy an easier and more enjoyable parenting experience.


The safety of your child is our priority

  • robust construction for stability and safety
  • a well-fastening 5-point safety belt to prevent falling out
  • effective brake activated by one press (stop&go)
  • safety certificates

Comfortably walk and travel

  • ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable seating position
  • adjustable footrest and headrest, adapting to the child's development
  • wide and deep seat for flexibility and comfort
  • shopping basket
  • robust cushioning that provides a smooth ride even over rough terrain with adjustable suspension hardness adjustment
  • easy folding, unfolding and maneuverability

Choose functionality and style

  • modern, ingenious, designed and made in Poland
  • growing with the child and their needs
  • elegant and practical, with timeless details and dependable functions
  • made of materials that are durable, easy to clean and safe for the child
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Awards and certificates

Safe and stylish strollers - without any risk!

We are an award-winning, recognized, Polish manufacturer of baby strollers


We offer a fast service in Poland

Our strollers are designed and manufactured in Poland, which also means that we provide a quick repair and direct access to spare parts.


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