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Since 1973, our family designs and manufactures Tutek brand baby strollers in Poland

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In the beginning it was "Peter"

In 1973, with the birth of the son of Edward Tutkowski, an experienced carpenter, he was inspired to create reliable baby strollers. The first stroller was named "Peter" and launched a series whose models were named after children. Children are our motivation for creating unique strollers.

International success

Our strollers have won recognition in many markets - both close neighbors of Poland and distant corners of the world from Chile to Australia. We aspire to make TUTEK an internationally recognized manufacturer of strollers, while maintaining a competitive price, providing excellent value for money.

Tutek is a guarantee of high quality

Our efforts and high quality have been recognized not only by customers who return to us for more strollers for their children. We are a family-owned company that prioritizes the comfort, safety and healthy development of the child.

Our commitment to producing strollers that are safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing has been recognized by the Qualitas Foundation. We are extremely proud of each and every award given to us.

We've been creating for generations

For over 50 years, we have continued our mission to design and produce ever newer models of strollers, with consistent attention to the smallest details. As a result, we effectively respond to the needs of parents and their charges. We satisfy the needs of parents and their children by offering a variety of designs and trends.

We invite you on a journey through the decades. See unique archival pictures of strollers that were manufactured and designed in Poland.

How we changed
  • 1973
    The first stroller
  • 1979
    That was the time
  • 1983
    The baby boom
  • 2005
    The design craze
  • 2023
    Tutek today

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